Life on Mauna Loa!

Okay life on Mauna Loa (long mountain) Volcano is definitely a nice lifestyle to live. If you like a slower life with the sounds of birds when you wake up, flowers, lots of green, green plants, geckos, around 82 degrees in the day, normally cool at night and lots of stars when the cloud cover recedes – you may like living here.

Now there are many people who think they would love to live on the islands of Hawaii, but people come and go at a very fast pace here. For me Hawaii is a Paradise, though most people do not take into consideration that there are only so many places to go and only so many things to do on an island! For those who figure this out after they’ve moved here, and now want to leave – we call this “Rock Fever!”

Don’t get me wrong, if you love the outdoors, there are plenty things to do on the mountain: hiking, checking out Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, camping, golfing, bicycling, scenic drives, picnicking, checking out the petroglyphs, bird watching, camping, spelunking (caving in lava tubes), hunting, and a lot more that I am not thinking about at the moment.

To be honest, there are also the downside of living here. Last year the volcano was going off and our house was being shaken by earthquakes constantly; though nothing like those closes to Kilauea Caldera at the summit or anything like those whose homes were destroyed by the new eruption in Leilani Estates. The reality is that Hawaii had the longest active volcano in the world that began in 1983 and ended last year in 2018. To learn more about it go to:

When it is not crazy like last year with all the earthquakes and eruptions, people struggle with the high cost of living here. A gallon of milk is just under $6.00, gas is between $3.56 and up per gallon, whole wheat bread can be as much as $8. Rent and utilities are high of course; and wages suck big time. So, if you can get passed all these, then you are good to go. You trade things off when you live here, one for the other. I did and I have no regret.

It is amazing all the diverse lifestyles and peoples of all nations that live here in Hawaii. I fell in love with Hawaii as soon as I step off the plain and saw the beautiful expanse of ocean, the lush mountains blanketed in green and when I was given flower leis, I was hooked!

The Big Island has totally changed over the years and the pace has definitely picked up and there are a lot more people now, then there was in 1977. I still live in a very rural area, and life for me is not hurried, though my day is filled up with my family, gardening, making products and ever learning new things.

Well my time is up for now, and I hope to hear from you and any questions or comments you may have.

Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much!)

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