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Make Your Own Rosemary Salt Scrub

Salt scrubs are designed to exfoliate your skin better, removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and leaving your skin softer and smoother. In regions that have high humidity and heat like Hawaii, this is a product that I use from my neck down – gently.

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At In the Garden Body & Bath Botanicals we desire to show the many ingredients that we use in our products and their potential benefits and properties of these plants, oils, milk & other miscellaneous essentials.

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Jasmine Goat’s Milk Soap

Are you looking for a soap that is good for all skin types and has great benefits that even the dermatologist agree upon?

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Fermenting Black Turmeric, Turmeric & Ginger: Gut Health & Our Immune System

In these days of constantly being bombarded about getting ill and dying, many have decided to figure out ways to boost their immune system, instead of focusing on a miracle cure!

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My Homestead!

Well, since I have a heart of a farmer who loves to work in the soil and see things grow, who doesn’t mind hard work, my first thought was maybe now is the time for a full on garden, chicken coup and some dwarf goats? A cow is definitely too big. This is where I realized that we were heading towards a homestead lifestyle, with my husband getting an anvil and he has made his own forge – why not forge ahead?

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What’s in Store Bought Commercial Soaps?

Commercial Soap: As we go along in life you may start figuring out what we have been conditioned to buy and use, that looks good, smells good — may not necessarily be good. Shopper Beware!

Like shampoos, these wonderful and normally inexpensive bars that we have on our shopping list and choose because it smells good or is the brand that has the best of the best products – SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN HOME TO CLEAN OFF THE DAYS GRIME.

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Harmful Shampoo Ingredients

When it comes to shampoos either you are a connoisseur of shampoo brands, or you pick what you can afford at the moment. The reality is there is not much difference in most shampoos.

Most of us love the delightful fragrance and that silky feel, that is offered up in those bottles of luxury we pour over our unsuspecting heads.

Little do we know what is in those bottles and we may not really care until we research the ingredients.

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Jasmine Facial Elixir

Jasmine Facial Elixir is an all natural oil base elixir that is great for your skin as you sleep. Here is a link: In the Garden Body & Bath Botanicals For years I have been struggling with getting older with my skin tone changing, and pores clogging. I felt like I was in a ocean…

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