Potential Properties of Plants, Oils, Milks & Other Miscellaneous:
(Please take the time to research these items for yourself to make your own educated decisions!)

Aloe Vera is known for beauty treatments in skin lotions and soaps; in fact, Cleopatra attributed her beauty to this. My personal experience is that this plant has so many benefits that it is at the top of my list and is a wonderful ingredient to use in a many skincare products. Aloe Vera contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C, and it is highly anti-inflammatory. It is known to help treat burns, acne, and dry skin.

Basil is known to be a natural cleanser and purifier. It is known to strip away excess grease or buildup on skin and hair. Basil has a wonderful fragrance, as well as a natural cleanser.

Bergamot has several compounds in it that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes bergamot oil an effective spot treatment for acne in people who do not have sensitive skin, due to its analgesic qualities. When applied on the scalp it is known to revive the hair bulbs and encourage hair growth. Bergamot’s natural stimulants direct blood flow to the scalp, ensuring proper delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Calendula is known for its anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that is said to have great healing properties for wounds, soothing eczema, and relieving diaper rash for the skin. This herb also astringes the capillaries, an action that explains its effectiveness for cuts, wounds, varicose veins, and various inflammatory conditions. Calendula oil is also used to hydrate dry scalps, remove dandruff, and improve the condition of the scalp. With its regenerative properties it helps the hair follicles grow abundantly allowing for a thicker mane, and the antioxidants help protect the hair and scalp against cell-damaging free radicals.

Catnip has many helpful properties for hair and scalp. It is nontoxic, naturally acidic, may be antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal, contains oils, and is soothing to skin. It can also be used as a dry skin treatment.

Chamomile has been used traditionally to cleanse skin. It is known to soothe inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory; and is also known for its antibacterial and analgesic properties. Chamomile is also said to reduce redness and is known to have astringent properties that tighten firm and tone skin, helps shrink large pores which reduces oily skin. Chamomiles anti-inflammatory compounds can alleviate itchy, dry scalp that can lead to dandruff. Chamomile tea is also a natural hair lightener so you can achieve lighter hair or highlights by applying the brew to your scalp.​

Clove is known to help reduce the sagginess of the skin and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a powerful anti-aging ingredient used in most cosmetics. It removes the dead skin cells and helps in blood circulation, which indirectly or directly ensures a youthful and radiant looking skin.

Coconut Milk is a great facial cleansers, containing high levels of fatty acids, it helps to eliminate dirt and dead skin. High in vitamin E it helps dry skin, small cuts, burns and rashes. If used on a daily basis, coconut milk soap can restore your skin to a soft and smooth condition. Coconut milk soap is ideal for dry skin and, besides offering a deep clean, it does not strip away the natural oils in the skin. Instead, it acts to moisturize the skin, keeping it replenished and well hydrated.

Comfrey is known to have potent skin-healing agent called allantoin, which can be found widely in cosmetic preparations, especially those for sensitive skin. It aids wound repair, accelerates skin healing, and possesses anti-inflammatory activity. Comfrey is known to make your hair shiny, soft and smooth. If you apply it as a rinse after shampooing, this could help prevent hair issues such as dryness, dandruff and breakage of the hair.

Gardenia is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that inhibit the formation of free-radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Antioxidants also play an important part in skin health and are responsible for reducing scarring and pigmentation. Gardenia has a pleasing and uplifting fragrance.

Goat’s Milk is great for the skin with vitamins A, B, C & E. Vitamin A is known to reverse sun damage and prevent skin cancer, as well as fight acne. Vitamin B is known to diminish redness and dark spots. Vitamin C is known to firm you skin and reduces wrinkles. Vitamin E known to help moisturize and also helps prevent sun damage. One of the minerals in goat milk is Selenium which shields skin cells from sun damage and harmful chemicals. Helps prevents wrinkles, inflammation, and redness. Goat milk also contains alpha hydroxy acid (lactic acid) and is a natural exfoliant that removes dead skin cells, and leaves skin smooth and soft without irritation or damage.

Ginger Root contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and vitamins that provide your hair follicles with nourishment, making them strong. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help unclog pores and kill acne-causing bacteria.

Jasmine Absolute has been known to have a pleasing and uplifting effect on the mind. The aromatic effect of jasmine oil can stimulate the release of certain hormones in the body, including serotonin, which results in the boost of energy and the uplifted mood.​

Lavender has been used to treat various skin disorders such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, and other inflammatory conditions. It is commonly used to speed up the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns, and sunburns because it improves the formation of scar tissues. Lavender recently gained attention for stimulating hair growth in a 2016 study.​

Lemon Balm/Melissa is classified as being calming, soothing, healing and tightening on the skin, and stimulates circulation. It is thought to be great for acne and sunburned skin, and as a mild astringent, makes a very good rinse for those with oily hair. The toning properties of Lemon Balm help balance and refresh hair and scalp.​

Lemongrass has been used in hair products, deodorants, soaps, lotions, oils and perfumes. It is an effective cleanser for all skin types; its antiseptic and astringent properties make lemongrass oil perfect for getting even and glowing skin. It is said to sterilize your pores, serve as a natural toner, and strengthen your skin tissues.​

​Oregano it’s an effective natural antibiotic and anti-fungal and is a great aromatherapy Oregano with its proportion of phenol – the constituent responsible for the strongest antibacterial action – is the highest of all aromatic plants. Oregano is good for both skin and hair.​

Patchouli helps prevent signs of aging, reduce acne and oiliness, calm scalp irritations and even control hair fall.

Peppermint is a great in massage oils, shampoos, soaps, lip balms, and lotions, which gives these products antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, helping cool skin and tone it. It can also improve frizzy hair and may contribute to hair growth.​

​​Sage is rich in vitamin A and calcium, which play a major role in daily cell regeneration. The antioxidants of sage combats free radicals, thereby easing the wrinkles, fine lines, and other ageing signs. It is known to strengthen the roots and stimulate healthy hair growth.​

Sweet Orange for the skin has been known to be beneficial for maintaining the health, appearance, and texture of skin by promoting clarity, radiance, and smoothness, thereby reducing the signs of acne and other uncomfortable skin conditions. Excellent moisturizer for brittle hair and known to improve the smoothness of strands.​

Rose Absolute contains a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and has excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin; it also offers antiseptic and astringent properties to treat acneic skin, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help treat redness and inflammation.

Rosemary is refreshing, stimulating, and invigorating. It is said to be an excellent treatment for oily skin, acne, hair, or as a scalp treatment promoting hair growth.​

Spearmint has a great effect on your hair and your scalp. Spearmint is naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial nature, making it an effective treatment for certain scalp conditions including dandruff. The fragrance has been known to uplift the mood and comfort emotional stress. Used therapeutically, the anti-inflammatory quality is known to cool red, swollen, and itching skin to help reduce the sensations of inflammation.

Tea Tree has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is a popular choice for treating acne and dandruff. Known to calm redness, swelling, and inflammation. It may even help to prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving you with smooth, clear skin.​

Thyme has been used to treat the skin and scalp. It boasts of having anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-oxidant benefits.

Turmeric has been used as a natural beauty product for centuries, due to its natural anti-bacterial agent and helps provide Vitamin E to moisturize and revitalize your skin cells it further helps to battle acne and restore skin to its natural healthy glow. Turmeric may help if you are suffering from hair loss caused by a fungal infection.​

Ylang Ylang is best known for balancing and regulating oil production in the skin and hair to prevent excessive dryness and oiliness. It soothes inflammation and irritation on the body and the scalp while strengthening skin and hair.


Avocado Oil has vitamins B and E, it makes your hair shinier and easy to style. The vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids will help restore and balance to your skin and has regenerative and moisturizing properties, so it looks supple and glowing.​

Broccoli Seed Oil is an extract and is rich in calming antioxidants, like vitamin A which protects the skin from the effects of environmental pollution particles called free radicals, which can cause pimples, age spots and wrinkles.

Canola Oil has the potential to help with healthy scalp and faster hair growth. A few little drops are enough to moisturize your scalp. There are both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and rich in vitamins E and K, and reduces skin problems and ageing signs like acne, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and spots.​

Castor Oil & Flakes is a natural astringent that cleanses skin, drawing out dirt, oil, bacteria, and other toxins that cause acne. Castor oil reduces the appearance of scars and stimulates the production of collagen, which hydrates skin. It is an excellent option to keep hair soft and hydrated and help reduce dandruff symptoms​.​

Cocoa Butter is high in fatty acids, which is known for its ability to hydrate and nourish the skin and improve elasticity and forms a protective barrio over the skin. Research has also shown that cocoa butter may reduce the appearance of scars on the skin and help to boost overall skin health.

Coconut Oil is a natural way to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster. The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles. It is an excellent moisturizer for both the skin and hair. Coconut oil has anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A, which help to slow down the aging process and may help to reduce the damage from free radicals and the sun.​

Coffee Bean Oil is packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids for deep moisturizing of the skin and hair. This powerful combination can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as waking up tired eyes, and hydrating dry hair.

Grapeseed Oil may improve the condition of your hair and scalp. If you have dandruff, which is often caused by a dry scalp, applying emollient grapeseed oil to your scalp can help loosen dead skin and restore moisture. The linolenic acid in it is thought to stimulate hair growth.​

Jojoba Oil is a wax ester and a humectant ingredient, this means that it works to seal your skin with a protective barrier to keep it from losing moisture. It is also known for anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Topical application has been known to help relieve dryness, flaking, itching, and related symptoms. People who have inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema may find jojoba oil especially beneficial.​

Kaimani (Tamanu) Oil is has properties that help moisturize your skin. Because it is rich in fatty acids, the oil locks moisture in by acting as a barrier. Studies have also found that kaimani oil contains calophyllolide (a substance known to possess anti-inflammatory properties) and delta-tocotrienol (a form of vitamin E), as well as a number of antioxidants. Possible skin benefits for acne, psoriasis, rosacea​, keloids and other scares. Kaimani is also said to alleviate pain, the oil is also used topically to relieve the pain caused by conditions like sciatica, cold sores, and shingles. In addition, it is said to promote the healing of burns, blisters, cuts, scrapes and also soothe insect bites.

Kukui Nut Oil contains vitamins A, C, and E, which are antioxidants known to protect the skin and prevent free-radical damage to your skin cells. This oil is known to leave even the driest, dullest skin looking healthy and radiant. It also works well as an under-eye treatment for the prevention and softening of crow’s feet. The amino acids and essential fatty acids penetrate the hair shaft and leave hair looking healthy and moisturized. Kukui nut oil can be used as a treatment for an itchy scalp or dandruff. It has the same regenerative effects on the hair and scalp as it does for the skin.​

Macadamia Nut Oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids, including Oleic Acid (Omega 9) for moisturizing, regenerating and softening on the skin. Plus, the Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) in the oil helps to restore the skin’s barrier function and reduce water loss. These fatty acids also have anti-inflammatory properties. The amino acids and essential fatty acids penetrate the hair shaft and leave hair looking healthy and moisturized. Macadamia nut oil can be used as a treatment for an itchy scalp or dandruff. It has the same regenerative effects on the hair and scalp as it does for the skin.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil is known to be great for your skin by locking in moisture and allows you to achieve greater balance with your complexion. The overall composition is very similar to sebum, which is the oil that your skin produces naturally, which allows your skin not to become overly dry or excessively oily.​

Olive Oil has been championed as a wonderful treatment for both hair and skin. Its antioxidant properties and Vitamin E content are renowned for nourishing, cleansing, moisturizing and hydrating skin of all ages.​

Palm Kernel Oil is known for making the skin naturally soft and glossy without it getting a greasy appearance and is rich antioxidants agent that contains vitamin E. And vitamin E, coupled with the antioxidant’s properties in it, help prevent the signs and symptoms of aging. The antioxidants that are found in palm kernel oil maintain the collagen in the hairs, keeping together the follicles and preventing hair loss. Palm kernel oil is a great option for those who suffer from thinning, dry or dull hair. It acts as a conditioner and softens the hair.​

Peach Kernel Oil is an emollient oil contains generous quantities of both oleic and linoleic fatty acids together with vitamins A, B and E. These are known to slow down aging process and maintains the skin elasticity, while the antioxidant restores the process of collagen production. Improves skin protective properties, helps to provide cells with oxygen; while vitamin E synthesizes elastic fibers of collagen, smooths tiny wrinkles, evens up face tone. Vitamin B2 widening the vessels, balances water-salt metabolism and gets rid of exfoliation.​

Primrose Oil is said to soothe and moisturize the skin, scalp, and hair while enhancing elasticity. It is also known for promoting healthy, clear, rejuvenated complexion with enhanced radiance and addresses roughness, wrinkles, redness, dryness, and irritation. Primrose oil is known to hydrate and nourish the scalp to fortify the strands and soothe itchiness, dryness, and inflammation, thus preventing or reducing hair loss.

Rosehip Oil contains vitamin C, a collagen-stimulating nutrient that can help improve skin’s firmness, prevents fine lines and is known to have a skin-brightening effect. In addition, it is rich in vitamin A which reduce signs of skin aging, including smoothing fine lines and thickening the dermis making the skin feel firmer and tighter. Plus, the antioxidant beta-carotene is high in rosehip oil and promotes normal growth and renewal of skin cells. The fatty acids also help soothe irritated scalp conditions like dandruff, increase hair elasticity while adding shine and luster. Rosehip oil also contains beta-carotene (the precursor of vitamin A), which works to normalize oil production and is useful for both oily and dry hair.​

Shea Butter has a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins make shea butter an ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening skin. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Using shea butter on your body, especially your face, can condition, tone, and soothe your skin.​

Squalane Oil (olive derived) provides essential plant derived nutrients that encourage cell turnover and increase collagen production and importantly, moisture retention, like vitamin E which protects the external layer of the epidermis. This ingredient is also believed to have anti-bacterial properties, which may reduce the symptoms of existing acne without causing redness, stinging, or peeling.​

Sweet Almond Oil has vitamin E and is known to keep your skin cells healthy, protects your skin from UV radiation damage, and helps your skin look smooth and soft. The fatty acids within the oil helps your skin retain moisture and can heal chapped and irritated skin.

Caution: Never use Essential Oil directly on your skin, unless diluted in a carrier oil such as jojoba, grapeseed oil, almond oil or coconut oil – etc. Those who have allergies to nuts, please check your products for oils used within our soaps and lotions.

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