Harmful Shampoo Ingredients

When it comes to shampoos either you are a connoisseur of shampoo brands, or you pick what you can afford at the moment. The reality is there is not much difference in most shampoos.

Most of us love the delightful fragrance and that silky feel, that is offered up in those bottles of luxury we pour over our unsuspecting heads.

Little do we know what is in those bottles and we may not really care until we research the ingredients.

As mentioned in other post, harsh ingredients are everywhere and we need to start educating ourselves on what we are using.

Here is a list of ingredients to look out for, and I would like you to also consider that a large percentage of what we use on our body and hair dissolve into our blood and organs. My belief is always try to choose safe and non-toxic products!

  • Behentrimonium Chloride is a type of ammonium salt used as a preservative and surfactant. It is a toxic compound, with concentrations of 0.1% and higher having been shown to damage the eyes. Skin: causes irritating and inflammation.
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine is a foaming agent has been associated with skin and eye irritation and allergic contact dermatitis. The government regards it as safe, though many people have negative reactions to it.
  • Dimethicone is a silicone oil that can make the scalp and skin incredibly dry and irritated. It forms an almost plastic-like barrier on the outside of the skin and traps bacteria, sebum and impurities with it. Dimethicone is an eye irritant and is non-biodegradable and horrible for the environment.
  • Fragrance (Synthetic perfumes) clogs the lymphatic system and induces major organ system toxicity and causes endocrine disruption.
  • Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) is a preservative and is found in a wide variety of shampoos and has been linked to neurological damage, particularly in unborn children and has also been linked to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Phenoxyethanol is another preservative used in cosmetics and hair care products. Causes organ system toxicity, and is an irritant to the skin, eyes and lungs. The FDA even warned that phenoxyethanol can cause shut down of the central nervous system, vomiting and contact dermatitis.
  • Polysorbates (especially Polysorbate-80) is used to dissolve fragrance or other oil additives. Often found in conditioners. This chemical leaves a residue on the skin and scalp, disrupts the skin’s natural pH and destroys the natural protective barrier of our skin and scalp.
  • Potassium Sorbate is used as a preservative in hair-care products. It causes skin and organ system toxicity.
  • Quaternium-15 is another quaternary ammonium salt used as a surfactant and preservative in personal care products. It acts as a formaldehyde releaser and is definitely not safe. Formaldehyde is extremely carcinogenic and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Retinyl Palmitate is a form of vitamin A, can speed the development of skin tumors and lesions, making it a possible carcinogen. Causes reproductive toxicity and organ system toxicity.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a surfactant found in many cleaning products and is also an insecticide. The sodium and ammonium laureate sulfates are known cancer-causing ingredients. Also causes liver damage, skin rashes, depression, diarrhea and eye damage.
  • Triclosan has a moderate hazard rating, triclosan should be avoided at all costs. It can accumulate in our fat cells and keep our body in a state of toxicity. It causes irritation of the skin, eyes and lungs, and causes endocrine disruption and organ system toxicity.

Now I have to tell you that I am not a scientist and I do not know the levels that these ingredients have to be, to be horribly toxic, BUT for myself, I rather not be using ingredients that have safety warnings on them.

Right now I use my own shampoo to keep it simple and it works well. I believe that many people are choosing to live a simpler lifestyle as more choices come available to them.

Well I would love to hear from you, Mahalo!

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