Ylang Ylang Tree

Well I love going to growers and gardens to find plants and trees to bring home. My latest find is my Dwarf Ylang Ylang Tree that grows approximate 8-10 feet tall (now 4 feet tall) and what I am told it is easy to propagate!

The flower itself is the oddest-looking flower and it has a very unique fragrance – kind of musky and spicy. When I first smelled it, I thought of it as an earthy peppery smell.

Ylang Ylang is a unique and very sought-after essential oils that high end perfumeries use for perfumes such as Chanel #5.

Once the flowers are ready to be picked, I pinch them off and dry them to be infused in a carrier oil for perfumes, soaps and lotions.

Well here is a little video to show it to you. Enjoy!

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