The Dew of Glycerin Soaps

Many of my family and friends love my glycerin soap with the lovely smell of bergamot and sweet orange that wakes you up with its fresh and sweet fragrance and leaves your skin moisturize.

Glycerin soaps are a humectant / hygroscopic, which means it absorbs and attracts ambient water. For example, if you left a cup of glycerin out in a humid room, it would actually absorb water from the air until it was about 20% water. In soap, glycerin helps moisturize your skin by sealing in moisture.

So if you find your soap bar seemingly powdery and wet, this is the natural occurring glycerin dew that is forming from the humidity in the air. Unlike store bought soaps that the glycerin is extracted for lotions, artisan soaps have their natural characteristics / benefits that are favorable to your skin, we are just not use to some these quirks!

In simplifying our life’s we must keep informed!

Have a Great Day!

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