Making perfumes is an exquisite endeavor, though most do not know that it is not a simple task in finding just the right blend for a fragrance and it is definite labor of love.

The art of making perfume dates back as far as 3500 B.C. and was very important to the Egyptians and then later to the Greeks and Romans.

What is known is that the first use of fragrances and oils for personal hygiene was used after bathing and rubbed into the skin while still moist.

There are three types of fragrances: 1) classical, 2) single note and 3) linear fragrances.

The classical is a mixture of ingredients that blend harmoniously. This is where you will have three distinct notes: top, middle and base. These notes begin with a top note that would be the first impression you would smell from the fragrance, though quickly fades away into the middle note. The middle note is the heart of the perfume that you would normally smell within 10 minutes after applying the fragrance. Once this begins to fade the base note is discernible and is responsible for the duration of a fragrance on the skin as well as the depth and intensity of the perfume in its whole.

Single note fragrances would be a fragrance that is focused on one specific scent, like a lavender or rose scent. It will often be mixed with other ingredients that will help intensify the primary note to help prolong the duration of the fragrance.

Linear fragrances while they may have a middle and bottom note, the normally have the same impact several hours later as when you first applied it.

Most perfumes today are a blend of synthetic fragrances to hold the notes of the fragrances as long as possible. Retail perfumes are to scent you and the room you walk into; whereas natural perfumes made from essential oils, absolutes – etc. are to scent you for your pleasure and those in close proximity of you.

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