Essential Botanicals for a Simpler Lifestyle!

For thousands of years we have used plants to create our body care products, and it has only been for the last 100 years that we began using harsh ingredients in place of healthier plant base ingredients!

When we are unable to figure out what is in our products, whether it is for our perfume, bath, hair and skin care products – I believe we may have a problem.

I created this blog to open a discussion on products that we have been purchasing without possibly knowing what we are putting on our bodies; and the possible alternatives.

Yes, mass produced products are cheaper than kinder natural plant base products; but most large companies are creating these items often overlook what these harsher ingredients can do to our epidermis (skin).

You may be reading this and think like I did; it just doesn’t matter!

Yes, I do understand, I use to think the same way. For me I was busy working, raising a family – dealing with life’s drama and all I cared about was I wanted something that fit my needs and wasn’t too pricey. It never crossed my mind that body care products might not be good for me or my family.

One of the disturbing articles I read a few years back, really brought it home for me. The findings were on various shampoos that contained an ingredient called methylisothiazoline, or MIT. This ingredient was said to cause neurological damage preventing communication between neurons and possibly had the ability to cause Alzheimer’s. WHAT!

Now do we want to be using ingredients like these, of course not; and the reality is that most synthetic products do not have such damaging ingredients in them – that we know so far…

Another ingredient that is pervasive in much of our body care products is petrochemicals and it can generate 1,4-dioxane, a substance known to potentially contribute to some cancers. The Environmental Working Group found that an alarming 22 percent of all conventional personal care products contain unsafe levels of 1,4-dioxane.

Don’t take my word for it, please do your own research and decide for yourself, though keep in mind that our bodies skin is all pores and absorbs a large amount of what we apply to it, in under a minute. No kidding!

So, for me, I decided that I needed to be actively involved in finding out what I was putting on my skin (includes perfumes), which enters my body…. This is when I began learning about roots, barks, leaves, stems, flowers, nuts, seeds, and resins for my soaps and for medicinal purposes.

May this blog post be relevant and helpful to you and hopefully along the way you will try some of my essential botanicals. Everything that is formulated is in small batches to keep things simple and fresh.

A Hui Hou! (Until We Meet Again)

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